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VPS Servers

For those who are interested in our completely managed dedicated server product, but can not yet justify a full dedicated servers. We have made available our fully managed VPS product. Each VPS is 100% fully managed with identical level of management provided to the fully managed dedicated servers. These packages are simply "Junior Dedicated Servers". All these servers and accounts also come with free website builders powered by RVSitebuilder.


WHM Features

WebHost Manager, or WHM, is an easy to use Web application that provides administrative control of your Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Create individual accounts

Add domains to your server

Manage hosting features

Performing basic system and control panel maintenance

WebHost Manager is used in conjunction with cPanel. cPanel is designed for managing particular domains or hosting accounts on your Virtual Private Server (VPS).

NAS (Network Attached Storage) Service

Every week, the servers will securely transmit data (encrypted) to the NAS server(s). This won't cause any additional load on the servers, since the processing power needed to transfer the data is very minimal. Every single one of our servers will be backed up to the NAS server/s. Please note, that it is still your responsibility to keep backups, as we don't guarantee the integrity of backups, as it's more of an insurance policy. We have a very strict policy regarding mass email from our servers. We do not allow sites that specialize in mass email of any sort. We do not provide root SSH access for any of our accounts. You have the extra peace of mind in knowing that other clients on our server do not have command line access. This gives us improved server security and performance.

Our server runs on PHP, Linux, Apache and MySQL which is compatible to most popular application

Easy to use cPanel

Unlimited Sub Domains
Add multiple domains in one single cPanel account at no extra charge, and they start working immediately
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Connect to your account via FTP where you can upload your files. You can also create additional FTP accounts for other users
Unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access
phpMyAdmin is a popular web-based administration tool used to administer MySQL servers and databases
Unlimited Email Accounts with Webmail
Create multiple email accounts, manage and send messages from anywhere in the world via Webmail
Security and Reliability
Security & Reliability
  • All of our servers are hooked up to APC remote reboot ports in the event that they lockup for any reason
  • All of the servers are protected by state-of-the-art hardware firewalls, as well as additional software firewalls for the servers
  • Everything is logged and routinely scanned by our system administrators
  • We provide 3 levels of backups to keep your data safe
  • We have offsite backups so in the event of a disaster, your data is always safe
  • All of our servers have Hardware RAID as well as backup drives on the servers themselves, ensuring that your data is safe with us