Bandwidth is the term for how much stuff you can send through a connection. It is usually measured in bits-per-second (bps) or bytes per second(Bps). When your site is up and running, you will have a limit to the amount of bandwidth it is allowed to transmit each month. For example, if you have a limit of 1500 MB per month, then all the visitors to your site combined will be allowed to use up 1500 MB worth of data. Think of bandwidth as the freeway your data must travel to get to your computer. Because the freeway must be built to handle all the traffic (data) at rush hour, the bandwidth you use is determined by amount of traffic (visits) at your website. Put simply, bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to occur between your web site and the rest of the internet.

You will have access to your control panel which will give you the total bandwidth used by your account to date as measured at the switch and various graphs to allow you to work out precisely your bandwidth usage. **Bandwidth usage is measured from samples taken at the switch.

Bandwidth is calculated each invoice for the prior month usage. You can check your bandwidth usage per server by logging into your control panel. As per policy, once you have consumed all of your bandwidth towards the latter part of the month, we will upgrade your bandwidth free of charge to keep your site available. **Upon request you may purchase additional bandwidth and disk space.


- Annual Subscriber - Clients whose subscription is less than 3 months and decided to upgrade to annual payment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change or edit the spelling of a domain name after it has been registered. We try to register the domain exactly as you enter it. Should the registration succeed, you will be charged, even if the domain you entered was not what you actually intended to type.

We will send you up to three expiration notifications by email 30 days from the date of expiration Following the third and final auto-renewal attempt 12 days after the domain registration has expired the domain enters a redemption period, during which you may retrieve your domain name for an additional fee and renew it by contacting customer support. The redemption period lasts 30 days. One week into the redemption period, the expired domain?assuming that its registration has not been renewed?is placed into a 10-day domain auction, allowing prospective registrants to bid on the domain. The winner of the auction obtains the domain registration ownership two weeks after the auction end date if the original owner fails to renew the domain by the end of the redemption period. Once the redemption period ends?and the domain has neither been renewed nor obtained through auction or backordering?the domain is deleted at the registry. After that, the domain name re-enters the public pool of available domains, and it is no longer redeemable. NOTE: 1. If the domain has a backorder, the expired domain will skip the redemption period and automatically be transferred to the new owner 2. To renew the domain during the redemption period, you must pay the redemption fee ($100) and the cost of the renewal.

The process for transferring a domain from us to another registrar partially depends on the registrar you want to transfer to. For more information about transferring domains to another registrar, see that registrar's help. There is a 60 day transfer restriction period for new or renewed registrations, recently transferred domains, or changes to the registrant's contact name. After unlocking your domain, you can initiate a transfer with your new registrar. When you complete the process with the new registrar, we send you an email message that includes instructions for authorizing the transfer away from us. Email us at [email protected] to request for your domain's EPP code or authorization code or Transfer code.

Transferring a domain name to us often takes five days or less, but transfers may take up to seven days to complete. To transfer a domain name, we simply need the EPP code or the Authorization Code or the Transfer code of your domain. Helpful hints: 1. ICANN regulations prohibit transferring a domain name that has been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 days. 2. Verify that the email address for the domain name's administrative contact at your current registrar is correct. This is the address we are required to contact to request approval for the transfer. 3. You will be notified that the transfer is complete. Inaccurate or incomplete contact data may result in the cancellation of your domain name. 4. If the domain name is locked, the transfer will fail. Contact your current registrar in order to unlock your domain name.

Subscribe to our Annual Hosting Packages and we will waive your domain registration for 1 year. (.com; .net; .org; .biz; .info only) Example: 1 year subscription = 1 year Free Domain Registration 2 years subscription = 2 years Free Domain Registration

Generic Top Level Domain (GTLD) names are free of charge once you avail of our annual hosting packages GTLD domains are names that ends with .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz If you wish to avail of additional domain names, each GTLD domains costs only Php 660.00/annum while .ph domains are PHP 4620.00/2 years.

Yes, and you can even have multiple domain names pointing toward one domain name. For example, you have registered and , can be pointed to So whatever address you type in your browser you go to the same site.

Yes, we can arrange for all the transfer requirements for you. We will just ask for the required information such as the authorization code for the domain and/or your website's control panel details to transfer the files or databases of your website.

When ordering your domain with a hosting account, simply indicate that you want us to register for you in the options while ordering a hosting account. For separate domain subscriptions, simply go to our website and check for the availability of your preferred domain. If your preferred domain is available, simply proceed to ordering from our website.


Yes, you will have complete control over your own email accounts and web site from the control panel

Yes, we will provide you with a web site address so you can even check and respond to your email even if you are away from your computer. All you need is access to the Internet.


Once payment is confirmed, you will be able to use your account within 4-8 hours

Yes, simply login to your customer account via and request for an upgrade from your customer profile account and you will be billed retroactively.

We can bill you monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually thru your contact email.

Cid Hosting accepts payment thru bank and thru credit cards. Details will be provided thru email when you place an order


You can contact us by email [email protected] and we promised that your request will be attended to and resolved in less than 8 hours.

No, Maintaining phone support systems and staff are costly and would only jack up the prices of the hosting services we provide. In most cases, email and Instant Messaging support are faster and more effective.

Call centers are extremely expensive to operate and would force our prices up significantly. We provide hosting solutions to clients from many different countries and telephone support does not efficiently function across that platform whereas web based support does. We find that we can be more specific with web based support compared to verbal support via the phone. Web based support also documents our responses so you can revisit them at a later date rather than trying to make your own notes from a telephone conversation.


Web hosting is a service that simply means we provide you with disk space to place your web site on. Think of a web host ( CidHosting.Net ) as a landlord. A landlord (web host) builds and maintains the structure, then rents storefronts to various businesses that otherwise cannot afford their own buildings. Each business decorates and operates their store differently and leaves building maintenance to the landlord (web host). Likewise, a web host rents space on a web server to various businesses. Each business builds its own web site while the web host maintains the network of web servers.

* Size of your web site ( Disk Space ) - Estimate the number of pages your web site will have and their content. The more pages and files, the more disk space you will require. * Traffic ( Bandwidth ) - Estimate the number of customers who will visit your site on a busy day. The more people on your web site, the more data transfer you will require.

The first thing you need is a domain name that you can get from a lot of available domain name resellers in the net. Or we can register a domain name in your behalf. Then you can create your website either on your own or get the services of a web designer.

Having your own domain name ( projects a professional image of you and your company, normally associated with large companies. It tends to say to others that you're a serious business person, operating an established business, in a professional manner. All businesses selling goods or services today should consider looking at how the Internet can work for them. Businesses are finding the Internet to be an extremely cost-effective tool for advertising, promoting and selling. The cost of online advertising is very reasonable, at times insignificant, and it is small companies with a medium to compete with the world's corporate giants. If you are considering having your own website, read below about some possible uses and advantages of a website. Websites have several advantages over other conventional advertising media. Those include cost, access, marketability, and interactivity. Listed below are several key advantages a website can offer over conventional advertising: - You can visually show your entire business product line. - Customers can browse your site and access information about your product or service anytime. - Customers can see what your product looks like and interact with the site by quickly sending you Electronic Mail, fill out a form and even order your product online. - Potential sales and profits can increase proportionally to your increased exposure - Reach millions of new people that could become your customers. - Provide up-to-date information about your business. - Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.


Reseller works this way: We (Cid) provides a reseller account (usually an account with large storage and bandwidth) to the reseller who then resells this space and bandwidth to his or her own clients. The reseller is able to create his or her own hosting plans and is presented as the hosting company. Because the capital outlay and resources are provided by us, reseller web hosting is a simple and cost-effective way to start providing web hosting services.

Today the web hosting market is the fastest growing Internet sector in the world. With our Reseller hosting packages, you can quickly build your own successful online business. You can take your hosting space and resell it to others

Anybody can become a reseller. Most started their web hosting companies from scratch or as a complement to other businesses. You do not need to be a technical guru to become a reseller. You can simply email us your client's questions and technical concerns and we will take care of it for you.

You should consider many factors when setting your prices for hosting and other services. Finding the answers to these questions will require a fair amount of research on your part, so spend some time reviewing the sites of other web hosts, calculating your business costs and earning requirements.

Basically, you will need to have your own Domain Name (, a website to post your services/rates and a computer with internet access. You may also want to get an account from a payment gateway service such as Paypal and 2checkout to receive credit card payments.

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